An unassuming community in Karnataka, Dandeli is the lesser-known heaven for each one of those individuals who love trekking and outdoors in the backwoods territory.

About Dandeli

An unassuming community in Karnataka, Dandeli is the lesser-known heaven for each one of those individuals who love trekking and outdoors in the backwoods territory. This lovely spot with its turquoise blue water gives you the ideal end of the week escape from your dull and stressful life and has everything that you have to feel restored once more, including an unmistakable, blue waterway and a blooming cool, green backwoods.


I had never caught wind of this spot coming to Hyderabad, and I am currently happy that I chose to visit this spot since it is merely excessively lovely and entrancing to be passed up. Even though it lies somewhat off the beaten path and you would need to change a great deal of open vehicle to at last arrive at this spot, it is worth the exertion.


It was a paramount outing for me, and I, without a doubt, need all of you to encounter what I did as well. This spot causes you to understand that there are life and creatures outside of us, and we are only a little, irrelevant animal despite the unstoppable force of life. 

Watersport Experiences in Dandeli

At that point, this is the spot to do everything. With Kali waterway as your host, you can play out every one of these exercises and substantially more and have a great time. There are a few experience camps that give you water exercises.


Along these lines, on the off chance that you at any point thought of doing water boating yet passed up it in Rishikesh, at that point, this is undoubtedly the following better spot to attempt it. The water is cold and clear and gives an ideal domain to every one of these exercises. 

Trekking in the Timberland

If you always needed to trek through the backwoods, at that point, this is the spot to be at. There are various camps set up here close to the edges of the woods.


If you were pondering whether you see any creatures around here, at that point, the appropriate response is yes.

The roadsides at 6.00 in the first part of the day. Indeed, it is dim at 5.30, and any development seems like it would be your last; however, its entire rush is too acceptable to be in any way passed up. If you are fortunate, you may likewise detect a Jaguar here. 

Viewing the Turquoise Blue Stream

You are strolling for 30 minutes in the searing warmth, and you don't perceive any camp close by, and out of nowhere, you go Stream Kali goes through this region, and I can't disclose to you how lovely its water is. Envision a scene. Over this enormous scaffold and beneath this extension is a shining blue waterway, and the sun's beams are moving on its surface and lighting it up from within. 

Outdoors in the Forested areas of Dandeli

Indeed, you won't find numerous individuals around here and no large town as well; a couple of cottages and houses are dispersed in transit, yet by 6 P.m., everything is dim and separated from infrequent vehicles cruising by, the entire street is unfilled and dull.Also, there are no streetlights that make this territory a mess secretive. 

Experience and Exciting Exercises in Dandeli

Try not to stress; I have secured that part as well.


Along these lines, these campgrounds lie on the edges of the timberland, and you can without much of a stretch spot Puma and snakes here. Indeed, I nearly stepped on a snake when returning from our night back.


It was dim around, and we were utilizing our telephone's torchlight to see around, and fortunately, the second I turned on the light, I noticed that I was going to step on a snake; thus, I halted halfway and withdrew my means. It took me a couple of moments to assemble my mind and acknowledge what I had gotten away from only a couple of seconds back.


If you are an experienced addict, at that point, you would cherish the timberland treks and stroll along the campground street when it is dim. It is faint, and you can't see a thing without a light. Along these lines, as your vision decreases and your hearing faculties grow, you hear a ton of development from the wilderness. This is generally the creatures moving by; however, it is a creepy encounter.


Envision you and your companion strolling a street in no place, encompassed by woods on both sides and not a solitary soul to see for a significant distance ahead. Doesn't that sound alarm to you?


Along these lines, trust me,this spot is the ideal spot for each one of those gutsy individuals who are searching for a rush and enthusiasm in their life. 

The most effective method to reach Dandeli

Presently, how about we talk about what method will you reach here.


There is no direct train or transport to Dandeli from Hyderabad in this way; you would need to reach Hubli first and afterward take a carrier to Dandeli. You will discover numerous trains and transports to Hubli from all the significant urban areas like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, and so on.


You will discover one transport going in every 60 minutes. There are additionally numerous cars and shared automobiles taking you there as well.


On the off chance that your camp is close, Dandeli, it is smarter to get off at Hubli. Be that as it may, if it is a place close to Ganeshgudi, at that point, you would need to get down at Londa.


From the bus station, you will discover a transport to Ganeshgudi every 60 minutes. It would take you around 1-1.5 hours to reach Ganeshgudi transport stop, and afterward again, you would need to walk or take an auto to your camp. We decided to walk and were required to bear a stroll of 2.5 km in the singing warmth.



A transport can set aside an inconclusive measure of effort to come, so we settled on a shared taxi to Dandeli. This costs us around 30 INR for every individual and takes around 2 hours to reach.


From Dharwad, you will discover there are standard transports to Hubli, which take around 60 minutes. 

Where to remain in Dandeli

There are many campgrounds here which you can browse. Some of them are Buffalo Waterway camps, Fly Catcher camp, and so forth. You can generally discover a ton of outside organizations on the web.


An outdoor bundle would cost you something like 1500-2000, which would incorporate your suppers, remain, and a couple of water exercises. Our aides were very useful and kind and genuinely made the entire outing increasingly a good time for us.


Our camps had beds and cover sand legitimate washrooms for cleaning up and peeing. You will likewise discover charging focuses here and connectors, which will permit you to charge different gadgets one after another. You can also arrange tidbits and purchase drinks from their counter.


They accommodated you. In any case, if you don't mind, note that this nourishment would be made in an enormous amount for all the individuals outdoors. Subsequently, it would be basic yet flavorful. 

Best Time to Visit

The rainstorm and Winter September


Dandeli jungle stay is an astonishing slope station which can be visited whenever of the year. Be that as it may.


Things to recall


Convey Money—no ATM close by.


Outdoors requires a ton of keen pressing, and even though you would be given a spot to remain and eat, there are numerous things to remember. Ensure you take every one of these things with you to guarantee a pressure-free outdoors understanding:


Mosquito repellent


Trekking shoes


Free, cotton pants


Free shirts


Convenient Charger




Camera batteries







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