Every business needs a platform so that it may do its marketing for local market to get local customers and boost sales. Here we have listed some of top platforms that are necessary for local business.

Local marketing applies to local brick and mortar business marketing operations such as supermarkets, restaurants, shops, and individual franchise businesses. Local marketing companies manage marketing activities such as digital marketing promotions, social media, and curate feedback on behalf of these small businesses to create awareness, buzz, and increase foot traffic to these businesses. Managing multiple online marketing platforms for a small business is a complex process that can take a substantial amount of time and energy from the owner. Learning how to create content that resonates with consumers and prospects, studying the complexities of how different platforms function, and knowing how each leads to ROI, adds further to the challenge. With all that involved, it's no wonder many small businesses are struggling to market themselves more effectively online. Here's a list of marketing channels and apps designed to help fix this problem. They help local small businesses to create or increase their online presence, get listed in local directories, manage email marketing and social media marketing, generate and turn leads, and track their competition.



Designed primarily for use by local small businesses, ThriveHive provides customized marketing plans broken down into action-oriented measures that can be implemented over time by the business owner. Users get access to a marketing coach who assists in setting up and implementing the program, for an extra fee. A search engine optimized, mobile-friendly website which contains a blog is the center of the platform. A free domain name, web hosting, email, and social media marketing, registered phone lines, a contact database, and lead scoring are all included in the package. Pricing starts from $29 a month.



Similar to ThriveHive, LocalVox is an all-in-one platform that includes a website tailored for mobile use, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and management, and capturing the lead. LocalVox also helps businesses to maintain local directory lists, monitor their social image, track feedback, and advertise goods and services through the use of online and mobile apps, coupons, and deals. There is also a Mobile App available.



ReachLocalbegan as a pay-per-click optimization and management tool but has developed into an integrated online marketing network that delivers a mobile-responsive website, organic search optimization, email marketing, lead conversion, and digital ads through mobile, pay-per-click, and ad retargeting. The platform notifies the business owner through a mobile alert or email, a feature unique to ReachLocal when someone fills out a contact form on the app. Call tracking is available with updated platform versions that allow business owners to listen to calls, identify prospects, and call back. Pricing starts at $149 a month. 



Suggested by a dissertation writing service, Leadsquared is a marketing automation program intended for use by B2C businesses, built around the use of landing pages optimized for collecting leads. Lead scoring capabilities track engagement, classify warm leads, and report via an analytics dashboard on all activities. Users can also capture leads from phone calls, make outbound calls, and use the system to send personalized SMS messages. Landing page form completions feed into a CRM database, and an integrated email marketing application enables users to submit contacts newsletters or set up automatic drip campaigns for a follow-up anytime the program produces a lead. The platform provides a range of templates for a landing page that users can customize via a drag-and-drop editor. A mobile app for iOS and Android allows leads to be handled by Leadsquared users, follow up tasks and reminders generated, and analytics viewed. Pricing starts at $125 per month (billed per annum).



Perch is a mobile app built to serve one purpose — monitor the online marketing activities of competitors. Seeing how the web leverages competition can help business owners make better decisions about their marketing efforts. Small business owners use the app to find businesses in their neighbourhood, grouped by categories including restaurants, stores, utilities, entertainment, and others. Perch offers a list of suggested businesses to watch and there's also a search feature. The app gathers information from several outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+, Instagram, and Foursquare, and deal sites such as Groupon, and LivingSocial. It presents the information in a newsfeed, which is updated in real-time and includes customer feedback, social media, and other business advertisements.



Designed for service businesses, Intuit Local subscribers get a profile listed in their business directory which allows them to post special offers, coupons, and promotions. Furthermore, prospective clients may request or schedule appointments via the profile. A monitoring database monitors views, interactions, and clicks of the profile page which business owners can control via an admin console. Subscribers can use the platform for free.

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