In case you need some convincing, here are a few reasons why sectors should book a conference event in Dublin City.

Internationally known for historical gems and literary contributions, Dublin City is also home to fantastic convention centres and business conference venues. This only proves that Dublin, as the largest and capital city of Ireland, is more than just about pubs, galleries, and museums. 

In fact, the city is accommodating about 60 airlines that fly over a hundred and seventy-five destinations around the world, making it one of the best places to hold meetings, conferences, and other high-profile events. If you are planning out for a business trip, today’s article gives you some reasons to consider Dublin as your next conference venue.  


  • Numerous Hotels/Venues to Choose From 

Conducting regular conferences is necessary for creating strategies to attain business growth and expansion through networking and partnership. In order to pull off a successful event, several companies would likely host an important business conference at hotels and resorts out of town and even overseas. Dublin City provides a range of multi-purpose venues to hold business meetings and conferences involving a number of local and foreign delegates from different parts of the world. Aside from the picturesque views in the city, delegates can also receive a number of other benefits from hosting a conference at Dublin hotels. This includes the guarantee for a fully-organised event, ranging options for available suites and halls, catering services, and on-site guestrooms for the participants’ easy access to planned activities.

  • A Venue for High-Profile Events

Aside from providing impressive hotels for ideal conference centres, the city itself is a remarkable venue for high-profile events. The Convention Centre Dublin or CCD is one of the major meeting venues in the city, perfect for holding meetings and events with more than 5000 attendees with its 22 meeting rooms and function halls plus a 2000-person auditorium. In the past, the city has hosted some of the major events in the history including the early stages of the 1998 Tour de France, 2003 Special Olympics, and 2006 Ryder Cup, all of which are held in CCD.  

  • Accessibility

Perched at the gateway to Europe, Dublin is easy to get to and easy to get around with great transport infrastructures including excellent road, trail, and tram networks, more than 10,000 taxis, and fascinating Dublinbikes rental schemes. The city also offers services to about 30 airports in the UK and more than 100 airports throughout Europe, not to mention the excellent ferry services from Dublin and Rosslare ports, making the city a very accessible conference venue for UK, US, and EMEA delegates. The city’s exceptional transport systems are providing delegates with the opportunity to stroll around and explore the different tourist spots while they’re at the city. 

  • An Ideal Place to Do Business  

It is no coincidence that Dublin is consistently thriving for innovation. With its solid reputation for academic research and great accessibility, Dublin becomes the newest European headquarters for some of the world’s top ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Financial, and Pharmaceutical corporations. This progress and affluence is no doubt making Dublin a serious place to do business. 

  • Work-Life Balance 

Aside from providing an impressive range of outstanding conference venues and great accessibility, Dublin is also giving every delegate a balanced work-life experience with its rich cultural heritage that begs to be explored. Business travelling in the beautiful city of Dublin gives you the opportunity to relax while increasing the success of your business. Make this conference a little more worthwhile by exploring Dublin’s most precious attractions including world-class galleries, theatres of all kinds, museums, and castles. The city is alive with cultural music, pubs, restaurants and cafes which delegates shouldn’t miss while they’re at the city.  

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