Top tourist attractions to do & see in Laos.
Laos is one of the few states. Tourists weren't permitted entry even though lots of backpackers do it, but it is possible to travel worldwide with a recognized tour company. The number of tourists is expected to increase over the upcoming few years as more and more people discover the joys of the nation of rivers and mountains.

Top things to do:

Climb Mount Phousi

Ascend Mount Phousi to get a view of Luong Prabang and the hills and rivers.



Remain in a tree house at Bokeo Nature Reserve, near Houayxai, and traveling on zip wires for a particular experience.



Head to the hills and trek part of a tour that is ordered. Trekking excursions are offered by Quite a few guesthouses starting a town on the lake plains from the mountainous Luong Namath province in the far northwest, from Muang Xing. Visit Delta Airlines Flights to get special tour offers & cheap flight fares to Laos.



Float across the Nam Song River at a rubber tube in Vang Vieng. The scenery is magnificent, and enterprising locals will tow the thirsty into riverside pubs for Beer Lao. Several pubs have water slides and zip lines.


Boloven Plateau

Head for elephant trekking and riding at Champassak province to the Boloven Plateau. Home to numerous ethnic minority groups, Pakse, is also the base from which to explore the plateau and the area's capital.


Learn How to cook

Spend if you like the tastes and textures of Lao meals. Courses in Vientiane and Luang Prabang include a trip to buy veggies and meat to your dish.


Cruise the Mekong

Meandering across the Mekong from Pakse to a transformed teak barge is an idyllic thanks to observing the state Spend two nights onboard, seeing temples Wat Pho and villages.


Ride an elephant

Trek into the forest on the back of a sea to Tad Sae waterfall.

Top places to see:

Temple excursions

Have a glance at the French colonial buildings and Buddhist wats and stupas among the foremost relaxed and silent capital cities of Asia nestled on the banks of the Mekong


Luong Prabang

See with Laos' cultural and spiritual centre. This ancient city was a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995. Situated between the Khan and Mekong River, it features about swimmers and 33 temple complexes.


Plain of Jars

Marvel near Phonsavan, in the Plain of Jars. Countless stone jars, some are sprinkled across the landscape. Legend says that they had been used to ferment rice wine at the century to celebrate success in the conflict.


Wat Xuong Thong

Be awed by Wat Xuong Thong, one of Laos'temples. Decorated with gold and glass, it's a testament to this fact that Luong Prabang was the capital until 1975. The palace itself comprises gifts and art created for kings.


Traditional weaving

Dip into a neighbourhood near Luong Prabang, in Ban Phenom. The village gives the chance to buy silk and embroideries also is renowned for its weavings.


Pak Ou Caves

Do not miss the Pak Ou Caves. Both caves are full. They can easily be contacted by speedboat from Luong Prabang.


Wat Pho

Admire the stunning views across the Mekong Valley in the Wat Pho temple, built on a hilltop near new spring water from the Khmer Hindus, that proceeded to repay their empire during its former funds -Angkor Wat (Cambodia).


Dolphin viewing

Head south into the richly manicured Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), an archipelago on the Mekong River, to observe the magnificent Khone Phapheng (the highest waterfall at South-East Asia (by quantity)) along with the compromised Irrawaddy dolphins.



To the Morning Market in Vientiane cover a trip in the morning at which you can notice monks' lines collecting alms in the traders.


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