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Trick O Treat!

Halloween, an American holiday, one of the most favorite holidays of children and youth bringing in its wake lots and lots of free candies and other sugary sweet treats. Celebrated on 31st October of every year, Halloween brings about the largest candy consumption in the world.

Around 600 million pounds of candies are consumed on Halloween and about 100 millions of it are only chocolate candies. It is no surprise that Halloween comes as chocolatier's golden time. When it comes to candies consumption., Halloween has surpassed every other major event like Christmas, Valentine's and even Easter.

Why celebrate Holloween?

I heard a story about why people celebrate Halloween when I was very very young, I don’t even remember where I heard it from, or even if I heard it or read it, I just know it from somewhere, I don’t know how much true it is but it was very interesting so I will share it with you.

So the story goes something like this:

“In the times, when witches and wizards existed, evil witches will raid the people of the villages, not of money or other valuable items but of their children. Every year, on one particular night, (October 31st I reckon) evil witches will come, flying on their broomsticks and steal the little children of the villagers and eat them (that’s terrible!), afraid and powerless, the villagers could do nothing against the witches.

One year, the villagers decided that they will not give their children, so they decided to trick the witches. When the night of the raid came, the villagers took lots of pumpkins and shaped them as their children, they filled the pumpkins with sugar and any other sweets that were available at that time and stuffed those pumpkins in sacks.

When the witches came the villagers gave them the sacks with pumpkins claiming that the children were in them, the witches took them and went. After the witches were gone the villagers were relieved but also afraid that the witches will be angry because they tricked them and gave them treats (trick o treat), but to their surprise, the witches liked those pumpkin treats and asked for more.

And so, just like that every year the witches will come and the villagers would give them pumpkins filled with sweets instead of their children. This incident becomes a tradition and later on became a holiday, where little children would dress as witches and other monsters, carrying pumpkin bags and asking for candies”

So this was the story I heard about Halloween and why it is celebrated, I still don’t know if it’s true but it did make some sense to me and also it’s quite fun to read. So I hope you guys like it too.

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