Flowers are just amazing.

They can be so versatile that from the first date to the proposals or the anniversary. The best part about flowers is that it will just brighten up the mood of your loved one and will just remind them that you are there for them throughout everything. You can always get flower delivery in ahmedabad.

Now, the flower world might be a little perplexing for you and choosing the right one gets a little hard and the right one for every occasion is important. Now, you cannot gift a yellow carnation when you are proposing your girlfriend. This will not be good at all as a yellow carnation is known to represent the jealousy and sorrow.

You don’t have to worry as we have a guide for you which will help you out through the journey

There is a flower for every occasion and your loved one deserves to feel special and it does not have to be valentine’s day or some occasion but you can always surprise them flowers.

Here is your guide to flowers which you can use for love,dates and proposals:


We always think about what would be the perfect way of saying “I love you”

Here, you don’t have to worry as we have got the flowers and flowers are also known for symbolizing emotions. Here are a few flowers you can use when you want to confess your love to someone.


It tends to represent the positive qualities with various other emotions. This represents elegance, health and the flower are known to remind the person that they should take care of themselves. This is a perfect flower to present to someone when it is the platonic love taking place or when we talk about the deep passionate love.



With the symbolism of devotions and friendship, it is also observed that the leaves of the plant grow upside down, such an unusual thing,right?

It is also a symbol of wealth, prosperity and friendship.They are also called “Peruvian lilies” and are just the right flowers if you want to confess something.



These flowers are the called by the name of “queen of fall”and are just perfect if you want to show your love to your significant other.They are known to symbolize loyalty, longevity, joy and fidelity. A perfect pick to  show your love. You don’t have to worry about the flowers, we will get them delivered to you. You can get online flower delivery in delhi.



 it does not matter whether you just got into the relationship or the relationship is years old but what matters is that the love between you is not lost. You don’t have to gift them gifts which are expensive but you can always opt for the flowers which will surely delight their senses and will make sure that they are happy and make sure the dates are going just perfect.


No one can forget the orchids they are just perfect when it comes to expressing love. These are available in a myriad of colors and each color is known to symbolize something. Your significant other won’t have to be in distress while taking care of them as the orchids require minimal care.

They are known to symbolize love, beauty and luxury and strength.



This is the perfect pick as it is also associated with happy marriages. This flower is known for love prosperity and romance. These blossoms are also associated with the love continuing to blossom.




Well, this in should be self-explanatory as there is no flower in the world symbolizing love or romance better than this one. You can always surprise your beloved with this one and watch their face light up as they appreciate the gesture.


It is the big night and make sure that everything isperfect. For that you also need to see the flowers that you have in your handand just go with them. The flowers you can use for that occasion are:



Red roses are just so romantic, bold and dramatic. They have always been the symbol of confessing and the marriage is the perfect occasion to present it in a marvelous bouquet to your loved one. 


they are just perfect when it comes to the depiction of love as they are known to depict the lover’s passion and they are just perfect for marriage as they depict the perfect marriage.


You can go for these flowers or give them their favorite flowers on these occasions.

Don’t let the flowers go alone always gift them chocolates,teddy bears and the fruit baskets. You can always order from bloomsvilla.


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