It is not easy to buy a suitable present for such a person: after all, a friend should receive only the best on his birthday!

What to Give a Friend for His Birthday?

A best friend is someone you have known for many years and you trust him unconditionally. Your friendship has gone through short tests, spat, and petty quarrels. She became strong and unbreakable. You can now rely on a person next to you: he will not leave in trouble and will instantly rush to the rescue.

It is not easy to buy a suitable present for such a person: after all, a friend should receive only the best on his birthday! In order not to be mistaken for a gift, think about who your friends work, what he enjoys and does in his free time. Focus on his interests and character - and you will surely be able to make an unforgettable surprise!

Present for the Modern Gentleman

If your friend is relatively Youngman (18-25 years old), he will be happy to acquire a stylish and modern gadget.The new electronic device will help you in your studies or work, make your leisure time more diverse, or strengthen the guy's authority in others' eyes.

Good gifts for a modern young person:

  • MP3 player;
  • electronic book;
  • an original flash drive or hard drive with a large amount of memory;
  • electronic cigarette and quality vape liquid;
  • attributes for computer games: gaming headphones, joystick, optical mouse, speakers;
  • web-camera.

If a friend is a mature, accomplished person, he can also be presented with a fashion accessory. Only it will not be a popular device or electronic gadget, but a status item. A friend who has reached a respectable position or is just storming the career ladder will be delighted with a stylish and even elite presentation:

  • a wristwatch with a leather strap;
  • cufflinks with precious or ornamental stones;
  • an expensive tie;
  • a new wallet or business card holder;
  • leather diary notebook;
  • elite handle.

There are never many such stylish gizmos: the fashion for accessories is changing, and little office things runout or fail. It's good if you make sure that your friend looks respectable and status among colleagues.

a pleasant Surprise for an Athlete

Your friend wants to have a beautiful body, so he spends his days and nights in the gym? Help him by presenting an annual membership to the pool or gym. And so that he can improve his physical fitness at home, buy a friend sports equipment:

  • dumbbells or barbell;
  • horizontal bar;
  • ankle weights;
  • punching bag and gloves for boxing;
  • dummy for practicing strikes.

Thanks to such a gift, a friend will not have to pay monthly for expensive classes with a coach: all the necessary equipment will always be at hand. Essential attributes of athletes will also become a valuable present: for example, a sports shaker or protein mixtures for rapid muscle gain.

If your friend is not yet involved in sports but wants to touch this side of life, help him choose a sports discipline. Let him try different options, and you will help him. A beginner athlete can be presented with:

  • skateboard;
  • soccer ball;
  • swimming mask or goggles;
  • skiing;
  • running shoes.

It is pointless for a comrade who is seriously engaged in any sports discipline to give an item from the area of​​his professional interests: the equipment is quite expensive, and you, an ignorant person, can hardly choose a high-quality and useful thing. Instead, buy something funky sports-related (like a joke award, medal, or cup).

AJoy for the Avid Motorist

If your friend loves cars, is ready to invest a lot of money in the vehicle's maintenance, and considers his own car almost a member of the family, he will highly appreciate the surprise associated with cars. Help a friend to keep the four-wheeled"swallow" in excellent condition and present:

  • a set of cleaning sponges or glass wipes;
  • body polishing compound;
  • glass irrigation liquid;
  • shampoo for cleaning upholstery;
  • aromatic suspension.

You can also give him the accessories so beloved by motorists: a navigator, a video recorder, or a wireless headset for your phone (Bluetooth headphones). The delighted comrade will warmly thank you and will never refuse if you need to go somewhere.

For the Fisherman and the Hunter - Everything for a Hobby

Is your friend looking forward to Saturday and Sunday to dash into nature and spend the evening with a fishing rod or gun? Then he will be delighted with new tourist attributes and fishing or hunting equipment. You can hand over:

  • spinning, a set of hooks and lines;
  • inflatable boat;
  • hiking equipment and a backpack;
  • solar-powered lantern;
  • tent, sleeping bag and folding chair;
  • grill, barbecue, or portable stove;
  • pocket knife or multitool.

Would you like to go to nature yourself? Then organize a festive picnic for the birthday person with abarbecue, fresh herbs and strong drinks. Go to the lake or the forest, grab your loyal companions and hunting or fishing equipment - and have a wonderful weekend that will be remembered better than any home feast.

HouseholdMan - Useful Gifts

It is customary to give household appliances to women. However, they can be useful for a single man too! After all, he is forced to manage the household independently. Make life easier for a friend and present:

  • slow cooker;
  • pressure cooker;
  • coffee maker;
  • coffee grinder;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • toaster.

If the birthday person is a family person, you can also give a useful gift in everyday life. However, in this case, pay attention to things related to male duties:

  • puncher;
  • impact drill;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • ax.

An edible surprise will be just as useful. Buy a mini-barrel filled with beer, a bunch of dried or smoked fish, a can of red caviar and expensive cheese, pack it all in a beautiful basket or box and go to the party. A friend will be happy to receive such a useful and truly"masculine" present.

If a Friend Has Everything ...

Have a friend stocked up on useful things and attributes for a hobby for years to come? Then buy something not very useful for him, but funny. This may be a subject that a man has long dreamed of but did not consider it necessary to spend the family budget on such a useless thing.

Lovely gifts will be:

  • radio-controlled car or helicopter;
  • quadcopter;
  • T-shirt with a humorous or daring inscription;
  • computer game for the company;
  • tickets for a football or a concert of a musical group;
  • parachute jump certificate.

An equally fun option would be a year's supply of gift-wrapped socks or an army rations.

Does your buddy love to gather friends and have fun? Then help him make these gatherings original and memorable - present a game for the company. It can be a Monopoly, Mafia, Munchkin, Alias, Activity, or a poker kit. And if he is not averse to having some fun in the workplace, present him with office golf or basketball.

Final Thoughts

To please a birthday friend is not so difficult. The main thing is to choose a gift, focusing on a friend's interests, occupations, age, and status. And when you have chosen a present carefully for your best friend will admire and brag about your favorite thing for a long time.


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