Your assignment introduction should provide an overview and link it to your thesis statement. For expert writing assistance, students can consult online assignment help services anytime.

Most students face a hard time writing an introductory paragraph. This is mainly because they have a little idea of what to mention at the beginning of the paragraphs. To counter this problem, it is better to get to the basics of writing an effective introduction. Here are some tips that all students can use to write impressive introductions for all subject assignments.

  • Give an overview

  • State your argument

  • Support your argument

  • Sensible mind

  • Mention the main points to be covered in the assignment

Give an Overview:

Suppose your Marketing professor has asked you to prepare an assignment stating your views on the given case study. In this case, he is asking you to explain your ideas therefore, you need to make sure that the reader is aware of the topic’s background.  Most of the time, a reader can not fully relate to your argument because of the lack of background knowledge. So, it is your task to describe the scenario, summarized the main points in a few lines. This will provide him with an overview of what you are about to say. 

However, providing some background information does not mean that you have to summarize everything. It means that your beginning sentences should be general or broader as to the question statement. If you are still not sure to prepare a good overview, it is best to consult an assignment expert. You can easily consult online assignment help services for completing your assignments. 

State Your Argument:

After writing a few introductory lines covering some background information, you will get a base to present your argument in the most relatable manner. In all subject assignments, you should always present your argument, state your position in the introductory paragraph. This clarifies to the reader what is coming up next in the remaining assignment. This statement is also known as the thesis statement or the main argument. But it should be properly linked with the brief overview stated before. 

For instance, if your English professor has asked you to prepare a debate on some issue, you always mention your side at the beginning of the speech to clarify your position. Similarly, you should always state your argument or the main theme in the beginning paragraph to give a proper direction to your assignment.

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Support Your Argument:

Now it is time to provide some logical evidence to support your argument. However, it is not preferred to go into details covering all your support arguments. You just need some points in favour of your thesis statement. It will give the reader a better insight into the remaining work. In the case of a Marketing case study, you can always use examples from the case to highlight and support your point. You can further elaborate on these points in the following paragraphs. The main idea is to create a logical sense while writing an effective introduction. 

Students should always remember that introductions should be planned, prepared and written carefully. It is all in the first paragraphs, that determines whether your assignment is worth reading or not. If your introduction is not professionally crafted then, you might lose some marks. Thus, seeking an expert’s help is always recommended. Canadian students can easily hire an online assignment help Canada services to prepare the best introductions for their university assignments. The online academicians will not only help them to complete assignments but will also guide them to prepare the best essays, thesis, dissertations and final reports.

Sensible mind

Before writing an introduction, think about how to link logic to structure. The input should flow smoothly through the large body. Think about your position, which will prove to you in every text. If you work on comparative analysis in Australian and American shopping malls, but forget to mention the Aussie in the introduction, the whole text loses its meaning.

Most people who do not know how to start a presentation will write a paper and then start writing. They do this because they are overly enthusiastic or because they do not have the ability to write. What results from a badly structured paper where the author's ideas are not well expressed.

Mention the Main Points to be Covered in the Assignment:

The last lines of your introductory paragraph should link back to your assignment question stating your position. This should be followed by an overview statement of what is going to be covered in the next paragraphs. Once you have supported your claim, you need to show evidence and discuss in detail the supporting points in the later paragraphs. This builds a link with the next paragraph and maintains a proper flow of your assignment. 

Students might think that preparing good assignments with impressive introductions is quite a hard job to do. But once they get a good grip over the basics, they will love doing it themselves. 


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