Which bird lives the longest? Making a ranking is very difficult. According to the pirates, for example, parrots could live up to 200 years.

How long does a little bird live

How long does a canary live?

The canary is one of the most common birds in Italian homes. It is common to see a canary cage on the terraces and gardens of our homes, regardless of the region we are in. So how long does a canary live? It is a very long-lived bird, it normally lives between seven and ten years, then it depends on how it is treated and what is fed.

How long does a parrot live?

How long do the parrots be a factor that varies according to many species of parrot in the world, in fact, there are some, such as pink cockatoos, Amazons and ploughs, or the tropical parrots characterized by very colourful feathers, which reached enough easily 50-60 years, sometimes even reaching the age of 80, others such as the monk parakeet, lories and conures that have a life span between 20 and 30 years, and still others that live for about ten of years.

How long does a robin live?

The robin is a small bird very present throughout Europe with, as its name implies, a reddish chest and a melodious song that is often heard especially in winter. This bird is not very long-lived, in fact, it only lives for 3-4 years from birth.

How long does a goldfinch live?

The goldfinch is a small birds present throughout Europe, in North Africa, in Western Asia and also in America, also characterized by its own melodious song. It has an average lifespan of 3-4 years, even if in captivity it can very often reach 10-12 years of life, although they are very delicate to keep in a cage.

Which bird lives the longest?

Making a ranking is very difficult than choosing bird names for girls. According to the pirates, for example, parrots could live up to 200 years, but these are only legends.

In birds, the average longevity is about 15 years, this is because there are many birds with the longevity of a few years and others that live almost as long as a man.

Then there are exceptions in birds, as in all animals, in fact, there have been cases of birds that have managed to live for about 80 years even if their species had a considerably lower average longevity.

Among the longest-lived birds we find ostriches, given the average age of about 60 years, some species of parrots that have an average age that varies between 50 and 60 years although it is not very rare that some parrots, in particular the pink cockatoos, the macaws and the amazons, reach even the 70-80 years. They are then followed by other birds, including the royal albatross and the flamingo, which live an average of 30 years.

For birds living in captivity, a very important factor, which partly determines their longevity is the way in which they are treated by their owners and what they feed them, in fact, to ensure that their bird lives at its best and so live longer it is necessary to feed him high-quality food, here you can find the right foods for your little bird.


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