Before ordering the best flooring nailer for your hardwood floors, it is better to stock up on some baggage of knowledge about pneumatic pistols in order to buy exactly the model that will optimally meet exactly the purposes for which you are purchasing it.

Buying Guide To Buy The Best Flooring Nailer 2021 | Tips, Tricks & Expert's Advise

A Good Quality Flooring Nailer also called Pneumatic Nail Gun. These are the most common tool at this time. The likelihood of seeing him in a new American zombie movie or horror movie is higher than that of a friend in the country. Therefore, going the most familiar way and asking friends from acquaintances which pistol is better to choose is hardly possible. This is where Internet articles come to the rescue on websites or specialized forums.


Before ordering the best flooring nailer for your hardwood floors, it is better to stock up on some baggage of knowledge about pneumatic pistols in order to buy exactly the model that will optimally meet exactly the purposes for which you are purchasing it.

In this article, we will look at the main types of nail guns, their areas of application, the principle of pneumatics operation - everything that is needed to select and work with a tool. Working as a good tool that facilitates the process will make you feel like a creator, not a convict.

Why are you buying the best flooring nailer?

The first and foremost challenge you face when buying your first nail gun is the type of job you are going to use it for. There are tools for every type of job you can imagine. The scope of application of these tools depends only on you. 

In the USA and Canada, most of the residents of the two-story houses with a garage and a lawn, which we often see in films, buy this tool for various household needs. Roughly how many of us store an electric screwdriver in a garage or trunk. The nail gun will find its application wherever there are wood and nails, from assembling a birdhouse to the construction of outbuildings.

Type of magazine for nails: drum or rack.

The first thing that catches your eye is the difference in the nail feeding mechanism. Pneumatic nailer guns are available in drum and rack. The drum pistol is loaded with nails on long flexible bands, twisted into a reel of 150-350 nails, in appearance the drum most of all resembles a machine gun clip of the Second World War. 

In a rack and pinion gun, the loading cassette of nails does not exceed 100 pieces, and most models are much smaller. There are many views on which type of store is best. In support of the drum type, they say a greater number of nails and increased maneuverability, because they do not have a "tail" in the form of an elongated magazine. 

Drum gun nails are more standardized and affordable. But the price for the drum pistols themselves is higher than for rack and pinion and you need to soberly assess the volume of work,

Guns for: roofing, carcass, flooring, finishing with pins or staples.

There are four main areas of application for flooring nailer guns:

  • Roofing guns for soft tiles,
  • Frame nailers for hammering large nails into thick material,
  • Parquet guns for working with flooring,
  • Finishing models, light and comfortable studs for neat work on furniture, interiors, moldings, and pins and staples for delicate work.

It is important to look at the description of the gun before buying since there are different specific features in the work - some finishing guns can be used as light nailers, and some cannot.

Working Principle: Pneumatics or wireless (gas).

There are two fundamentally different sources of energy for a pistol - pneumatic (air) and gas, which works from the detonation of a portion of gas, like your car. Pneumatic nailers require a compressor (purchase is a separate study), hoses, and other accessories. 

A more expensive option than pneumatics will be gas or wireless versions of the pistol, which work by detonating a small portion of gas from a canister in the combustion chamber. This is convenient when increased mobility is required. 

But we must remember that mobility is good, but gas cylinders will cost more than electricity for a compressor; when choosing, you should think about the fact that the cost of a pneumatic tool compressor is more profitable with intensive use of the tool.

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 Trigger Mechanism: Not only machine guns fire single and bursts.

There are the most common trigger options:

  • Pinch Shooting - Squeeze the trigger and hit the point of the pistol where you need to drive a nail.
  • Single Mode  - One pull of the trigger and the gun drives one nail.
  • Pinch and release (automatic)  is an industrial version that is very sensitive to pulling the trigger and can shoot multiple nails at once. Usually, these are upholstery staplers.

Features Of Pistols - What you should pay attention to.

1) Easy cleaning of blockages: fasteners can get stuck in the tool. This is especially critical for wire braces. If the pistol has easy access to the barrel, cleaning will not interrupt work for a long time.

2) Adjustment of penetration: the ability to adjust the depth of entry of nails into the material. Critical for finishing models. On some instruments, this adjustment is easier as it does not require a key.

3) Adjustment to the size of the nail: there are many different lengths of fasteners and if you plan to use different nails, it is worth checking if your gun can work with them.

Actually, that's all the "teapot's guide". Carefully read and follow the instructions for the instrument. Safety and fun - in that order! Please visit for the latest and useful product reviews here.


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