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I thought about a quest in my mind that could comprise

I have made up RS gold an idea to rank your PvP skills. I suggest that it's allowed to be rated on the hiscores system. I thought of the idea to see how you can compare to other people with PKing. To possess the grading system, we would have points. These points could depend upon: How many players were involved in the kill. A specific point would be given to every one of those factors, and you must possess at least 5,000 points to enter the hiscores. I think this sounds sensible and it'll help compare your PvP mini-game scores with other people.

I thought about a quest in my mind that could comprise the yield of Arrav, so I based one off it. I understand it might use some tweaks, so if there is anything you think needs to be changed, allow me to know and I'll change it and credit you. Start this quest by speaking to Reldo, found at the Varrock Library. As you speak to him, he will cite a quest for one to proceed. Ask him for more details, and he will tell you that Varrock is in stake.

Tell him you will do whatever is needed to save the city. He will then mention, that Lucien is up to something. He is rumoured to return to Varrock with his brother, the enemy of Arrav, Zamouregal. He says he's heard of this rumour from the traders. Speak with Bareak, the fur trader, located at his booth at Varrock's Plaza.

He'll tell you he does not believe you're worthy enough to become hearing rumours in the dealers. Ask him how you're going to have the ability to tell him tell you. He states he would like you to get him 3 types of furs: a bear fur, a frequent kebbit fur, and a feldip weasel fur. When OSRS Quest Service you've obtained those 3 furs, visit Bareak and give them to him.


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