It is pointless to explain what is freelancing is to any youth of Bangladesh. Because the dominance of freelancers in our country over the last few years is well known to all of us. Again, in some cases, there are differences. The difference is what they can't do even if he sees the good and the bad in front of his eyes.


Dear reader! Seeing the title of my article, many people think that I may be underestimating others like they don't know about freelancing & I'm here to give them some tips. If that's what you're thinking about my article title, then the rest of the writing isn't for you. I'm writing articles for those who can't see anything good in front of their eyes. Or don't understand how they can establish themselves as a successful freelancer.

Here are some tips you can follow to help yourself in fulfilling your dream of becoming a freelancer. Look at the things that I will mention negatively here as a reason. You should not just compare them with yourself, but, if possible, make those things positive for yourself. Then maybe you don't have to look back. So, let's look at the reasons why you can never be a successful freelancer -

1. Lack of Perseverance:

The key to being a freelancer! This quality is not in you; you'll never become a successful freelancer. You can never be persistent or try. One thing to think about, you might see all the other successful freelancers making money through Freelancing, and you are thinking too "I'll be successful too" or "I'll be like that brother, that's it." Many things are available on your real life or virtual life if you want to see, this is true in many cases. But do what you want because no matter how much you shout this word, there will be no gain. Your success will never come. Because the bother you want to be is the brother who has already done a lot of work, what are you doing to succeed? You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo. All you need is intense "perseverance" about your choice! Once you start persevering. You will see that your success is calling you with cataracts! 

2. Lack of time sense:

Those who are not persevering can never evaluate their time Since once you begin persevering, you need to ponder time. Many people come to freelance with the thought of "money flying in the sky." So much money flies! What is not believed? Once you look at the freelance sites, how many millions of workers are articled every day. A significant number of which 50% of the work is finished, and the rest is dropped because of absence of staff. You will never accept this since you don't have the opportunity to visit these sites. Because you may be too busy with timelessness! 

3. Unexpectedly running after money

Come again with "money flies in the sky." As of now, there are a few freelancers in our nation. The individuals who don't have the foggiest idea about the importance of the word "freelance" or "freelancing.” Let me be brief for them-

What is outsourcing or Freelancing?

Outsourcing or Freelancing is at present a fundamental premise of the financial main thrust in numerous nations worldwide, including Bangladesh. Particularly to the young who need to run their own pocket cash other than contemplating. At one point, they became involved in the profession in a way that was a permanent way to improve their future income.

The terms outsourcing and Freelancing are two of the same things we under stand. They are semantically different, but in short, they are semantically different. Outsourcing implies carrying any work or data to oneself through outside methods or sending one's work or data to other people. For this situation, freelancing alone can't be called outsourcing alone. Anything can be related with it. For this situation, crafted by the nearby/own nation can't be called outsourcing.

Freelancing alludes to the way to work uninhibitedly or autonomously. In this case, it can be said that freelancers are not in control of anyone and can never be. Freelancers work with everybody in the nation and abroad in their opportunity. Nobody can impede or interfere with him. Yet, truly, for this situation, on the off chance that one works under another freelance group/bunch without his endeavors, at that point he can't be known as a free or autonomous freelancer. For this situation, it is smarter to state that freelance is completely free enrollment, and the purchaser needs to pay a unimportant add up to get the work from the freelance organization.

See, you know the job will come to you, but that's right. However, in the event that you sit quietly, will anybody know you? Will you work? In the event that you need to bring in cash, you need to know your quality. Prove that you are the best for the work! And if you can't continue like this, you will just run after money; the hobby of earning cash by freelance will never be fulfilled. 🙁

4. Inattention in gathering skill

Newcomers are the most inattentive to this issue. Many people ask, "Brother, which is the most straightforward job? You don't have to learn that much." Freelancing is not for those who think that! If you want to earn money even by doing ordinary quality writing, you need to know how to write will give you a buyer job or how much beauty in writing will provide you with a buyer who will choose you from everyone!

Many people say, brother, I need to learn graphics, however I don't have the foggiest idea where to learn it or from whom. I say to them, the Creator did not send you blind, did you? You can at least browse/run the net. Then don't google what you're looking for. On the off chance that you are searching for a web design instructional video, type the keyword "Free Web Design Tutorials" or "Free Web Design Video Tutorials." I am 100% certain you will get your ideal thing.

Remember, one thing that you can find in Bengali now in 2020 is not Bengali even a few years ago. Those who are successful today are just like you for awhile. They have become today's successful personalities by fighting a lot from this massive field of internet.


Will you try to find out for yourself whether you like them or not? If not, who will take it? Use your thinking and intellectual power. Otherwise, one time you will not find anything in yourself! 

5. Starting Freelancing from Misconceptions:

What is wrong with Freelancing, it may not be necessary to say at this time. "What is Outsourcing or Freelancing?" No one can mislead you if you understand this well. Even then, let's say you see people succeeding in Freelancing and come to freelance yourself. But you don't know very well what your brother or sister did to achieve in Freelancing

And just because you know this name, some of the culprits in today's society will take advantage of your valuable time, labor, money.  I have seen many people now; some sell their property and invest money in those worthless activities. Imagine for a subsequent you were rendered into the karmic driven universe of Earl. It might be that he has put away cash to learn the job however not to get the job.

So, the main discussion of this article ends here and. So if you ask me how you achieve this knowledge, I'll tell you a name that is People N Tech, who helps me go on the right track in freelancing career. They are the first Bangladeshi successful freelancing training organization. They train their student online and locally both & finally assure their student a job placement & also they send some of their students abroad to take higher skills.

It's your turn to look again. You can never be a successful freelancer if you have any one of the above five reasons. Can you find your match with any of the above? If you find a match and dream of success, then you are on the wrong path! Find the right track & the right Trainer.

Stay well; stay healthy. 


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