We have included photos of different Muslim prayer rugs in various settings and environments to assist young children to learn exactly what they are and why they are being used.

An Important Religious Item for Muslim Believers

An extremely beautiful pack of pictures show a stunning variety of beautifully created scenes, perfect for visual learners and adults alike to aid and support your teaching of Islam. We have included photos of different Muslim prayer rugs in various settings and environments to assist young children to learn exactly what they are and why they are being used. This tragic and inspiring sight is powerful enough to help convey the seriousness and power of Islam to children.

Islamic prayer rugs are beautiful and elegant works of art. They are created by highly skilled craftsmen and produced with extreme care. The wool from which these prayer rugs are made is chosen specifically by Islamic farmers to grow in the best possible conditions, ensuring the highest quality of wool possible. This helps to ensure that the colours will not fade and that the prayer rugs are incredibly durable.

Uses of Prayer Mats in Different Era

Many Islamic prayer rugs are named after a particular location or holy place. Meccan rugs for example are named after the largest mecca in Islamic history. They are normally rectangular and feature heavily scrolled text on the top and along the sides. Meccan prayer rugs are most commonly used as floor rugs but sometimes they can be hung from the ceiling in schools and other communal buildings.

Some of the most common uses of Islamic prayer mat are amongst the Muslims of the United Kingdom. These prayer mats are extremely popular as they are extremely practical and comfortable to wear. They are extremely durable and will help to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in any Muslim home. They come in a wide range of different colours and styles, so it is easy to find one that suits your personal taste and colour scheme. Their durability and practicality make them highly desirable in homes of all sizes.

Popularness of Prayer Mats in Wolrd Wide

Apart from the UK, Islamic prayer rugs are also very popular in countries such as Turkey and Egypt. They are very popular with the Muslims of these countries because they make their prayers much easier to perform. They are extremely comfortable to sit on and can often be used as a substitute for a prayer carpet. They are also much cheaper than carpets and rugs which make them an extremely economical choice when purchasing a new prayer mat.

In the United States, there is a big difference between the carpeting used by orthodox Muslims and those used by Islamists. Orthodox prayer mats UK are generally deep green in colour, while Islamic prayer rugs are usually bright red or yellow in colour. The colours and styles vary immensely and you can even have one that matches the carpeting on your carpet! They are very popular in the USA especially amongst the Turkish and Bosnian Muslims who are known to have a liking for the colours and designs.

Things To Notice When Buy These Prayer Rugs

You can purchases Islamic rugs online in addition to purchasing a carpet for the inside of your home. Islamic prayer rugs can also be used outside but it is important to ensure that you buy high quality and durable product. Many of the products on the market are made from an artificial material and as a result, are not as durable as authentic products from the Middle East. Although it is unlikely you will encounter a problem with a non-authentic rug, you should still be cautious and ensure that the product you choose has been made using the highest quality materials from the area in which it is made.

Another reason why you should consider buying an authentic Islamic prayer mat is that these come in a wide range of styles that include square, round, rectangular, oval and sometimes with borders. Some prayer matt for example come in thick whilst others are thin and others are square. You can also get them with long or short stripes as well as those with beautiful zardozi patterns. You can even find ones in various colours including black and bright red, which are very popular with the Bosnian and Turkish Muslims. All you have to do is go online and search for Islamic rugs to find one that suits your requirements.


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