Best Karwa Chauth Gifts For Mother-In-Law
A daughter-in-law always knows that though she is entering a castle with her prince charming, the castle belongs to the queen- the mother-in-law.

Even today when society is drifting towards live-in relationships, people staying unmarried for life for reasons they know, marriage still is and will remain an integral part of our human society. And with marriage comes taking ownership of not only the happiness and satisfaction of your partner but also everyone associated with him/her, especially the in-laws. And topping the charts is the mother-in-law. Out of everyone, the most that any woman dreads is facing her mother-in-law. 

A daughter-in-law always knows that though she is entering a castle with her prince charming, the castle belongs to the queen- the mother-in-law. And she by default has to abide by her rules. Maybe, this is the reason why our culture has dedicated some of the most important rituals that help eradicate the unseen distance between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. One such Indian ritual involves daughters-in-law buying gifts for Saas (mother-in-laws) on Karwa Chauth. 

This gift is called Pohi Baya. It has all the good things for saas. For example, apparels, jewellery, Karwa Chauth essentials, dry fruits, sweets etc. 

Reasons a Daughter-in-law Must Buy Karwa Chauth Gifts for Mother-in-law

1. Ritual requires you too 

Celebrations remain incomplete when the rituals are not followed, especially when it requires the involvement of a loved one. So don’t forget to send  karwa chauth sargi online which is an important ritual of karwa chauth.

2. Build a deeper bond 

Now, many rituals were created so people could gather and build a better bond amongst each other. And when it comes to your relationship with the mother-in-law, leave no stones unturned. After all, it is her baby you are living with now. So, show your love for mother-in-law Karwa Chauth with a pohi baya gift she will love to have. By doing this small ritual you can make a place in her heart!

3. Express how much you care for her 

If you remove the words ‘in-law’ all that remains is a mother. And if you go to see, it shouldn’t be so hard to build a loving relationship with your mother-in-law if you express how much you care for her. Your Pohi Baya gifts can help you say this. 

Now that you know why Karwa Chauth Gifts are essential here we have picked some gifts you can give your mother-in-law. We have curated some of the best Pohi Baya gifts for mothers-in-law. These gifts range from Karwa Chauth essentials, delicious Indian sweets, flavoured dry fruits, Indian snacks, jewellery, make-up essentials and more. You can send these Karwa Chauth gift to any Indian city with free-shipping. 

  1. Patola Printed Chanderi Cotton Silk Saree

A good saree will always be loved by your Saas. She can flaunt it at functions and tell everyone how much her daughter-in-law loves her. 

        2. Gourmet Hampers

No one can make delicious besan ladoos like her but that’s a lot of work to do. Giving her a break from her kitchen duties as you give a gourmet hamper with besan ladoos & dry fruits in a gift box is simply delightful!


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