While Halloween is almost upon up, we still see sure folks who seem terrified by the prospect of wearing Halloween contact lenses. Every day there are questions that you can easily classify as fiction, but you still see them flying around.

So to clear such baseless confusions, we are going to expose 10 of the biggest myths surrounding contact lenses Halloween. After all, we cannot let people be deprived of the fun they can have with Halloween eye contacts this Halloween.

1. Everyone cannot afford Halloween

Only if you are going to buy dozens of pairs at once. Halloween contact lenses provide a unique effect on our eyes that helps in changing our appearance to match our Halloween costume. Maybe some time back, these lenses were unaffordable, but now anyone can afford them easily. And when it is time for Halloween, you would see some great discounts around. 

Halloween lenses make your Halloween costume preparations more budget-friendly as you can buy lenses at affordable prices and avoid spending tons of cash on makeup. 

2. Only opticians have quality Halloween lenses

After your doctor has given you the prescription of the lenses, you need to buy to fit your eyes, you can buy them from anywhere. While your doctor may suggest that you need to buy them from your optician, you can get them from any trustworthy brand or a reputable online store.

3. I may not be able to wear Halloween contact lenses

That is why it is always advised to have your eyes examined. There is no such thing as one size fits all. There are different types of Halloween lenses, such as soft lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses. So you would never know which kind of lens would be best for you. Secondly, everyone's eyes are not the same in size and some people may have very different eye measurements and may require a custom made Halloween lenses.  

4. Halloween contact lenses are difficult to insert

Of course, they are going to be difficult the first time, you never learn to drive a car like an expert on your first day. It will take time and practice to get things right. Once you get used to inserting your coloured contacts Halloween, it would be a piece of cake from there onwards. So it is all about practice.

5. Halloween lenses can go behind the eyes

If you would have done your research you would know that your eyes have a thin membrane covering your eyes. That membrane is called the conjunctiva, it will never allow that to happen. That is not possible scientifically. You may feel your lens out of position, so keep on blinking till it gets back.

6. I’m too old or too young to wear contact lenses

Being old is not a problem; you can wear them anytime. Actually, there is no age limit for wearing contact lenses. When it comes to kids, they can also wear Halloween lenses for Halloween, but the only problem is that they might not be able to take care of the lens as it needs to be. That is the only issue.

7. Halloween contact lenses will fall out of my eye

That is not possible at this time. Back in the day, yes, it happened, but now the lenses are not as hard as they used to be some decades ago. Technology has advanced quite a lot in that time, and now there are soft contact lenses that will not fall from your eye, they will sit on your eye like someone lying on their bed on a Sunday morning.

8. I have to stop wearing makeup to wear Halloween contact lenses

Well, it is somewhat true that you will not need a whole lot of makeup due to the crazy special effects Halloween contacts produce. But, you do not have to stop using your cosmetics and stop applying makeup. You can put as much makeup as you want. Just make sure you keep your lenses away from the cosmetics when you are not using them so that no particles stick on them. 

9. Wearing Halloween contact lenses causes eye problems

Nope, that is not correct. Actually, it is entirely inaccurate to say something like that. Halloween contacts are similar to any other colored contacts with a bronze tint. And they need the same safety precautions to be followed as the different lenses.

The only way they are going to cause eye problems is that you are not using them correctly. Either by not cleaning them properly or sleeping with them or sharing them with a friend and family. All these are strictly prohibited when it comes to using Halloween eye contacts. 

If you feel any irritation or pain in your eye, then take off your lenses and consult your doctor.

10. Halloween contact lenses are uncomfortable

Anyone using them for the first time will feel a little discomfort because of the colored tint they have. But, after some time, they will feel alright like there is nothing on your eyes.


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