To buy laptops with longer life isn’t as complicated as one would think, only if you keep in mind these important factors we explained today. Some good brands for long-lasting laptops include Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer. Don’t forget to checkout our extensive collection of laptops on Retail Direct!

How long does an average laptop last?

A laptop’s lasting time depends on considerable amount of factors which every user must be aware of before purchasing any laptop. Not that any laptop will differentiate to be super-long lasting compared to other devices, but the specification of every feature can create a noticeable different in its prevailing time. Most of you might be haunted already before getting your best buy about either your purchase will prevail for longer period or not. Usually with every new laptop addition in the tech industry, the old laptops are assumed to perform not as strongly as once we thought. 

Let us tell you some basic facts – Every year we have vast range of advanced laptops launched in and out of emerging technology, so automatically the old laptop you are using might not perform as good as they could. However, if you have a laptop with some impeccable main core features, there is more probability that your laptop will stand stronger even after 5 years. The latest models can sure provide a couple of innovative features, yet the use of major features can be just as solid as our old laptop’s features. 

Today, we are getting deep into what are some significant aspects that define any laptop’s longevity. Also, there are sundry ways to enhance your laptop’s lifespan. Let’s check how and why! 

What is the Average Laptop Time?  

As we told, a laptop time is dependable on few terms but a mid-range laptop usually lasts between 4-5 years, and when you talk about a high-end laptop, it can last more if you choose wisely. The plastic body laptops are a little difficult to take care of for that many years, but the metal and carbon based laptops are easier to handle. Not only they are able to handle the knocks and bumps easily, but allow managing them conveniently. However, that doesn’t imply you cannot sustain the timing of your plastic laptop because the main causes of a laptop yearning period are:

  • The hardware of laptop 
  • The uses of laptop ( Tasks & Activities) 
  • The treatment and handling of laptop 

The Hardware of Laptop 

Yes! That’s the most important factor which determines the average lifespan of a laptop, and the components a laptop have inside it. The more upgraded processor, graphics, hard drive and SSD your laptop comprises measures how long it will be working with perfection. 

It’s also essential to be aware that higher investment will buy you the more advanced components included in the laptop. Some price brackets we would like to tell you that may help you in selecting are below. 

  • Less than £500 : 2 to 4 years 

  • Between £500 to £900: 3 to 5 years 

  • Greater than £1000 : 4 to 7 years 

The Main Features of a Long-Lasting Laptop 

Apart from checking out how premium your hardware is, these features in any laptop can make your tasks not only efficient and fast, but also inherently increase the durability, which is actually the time of a basic laptop. 

Let’s focus on the components now, which can turn your laptop resourcefully aged with zero errors in future. 

Hard Drive 

A bigger capacity oriented hard drive means you are making your system capable of maximizing the usage of videos and pictures with a larger storage and minimum difficulty. As OS updates are regularly being revised with bigger upgrades, you need at least 500GB storage and for the safe side, it can be 1TB hard drive.   


Whether you are a business individual or a traditional user, a 9th or 10th Gen Intel’s processor of core i5 or core i7 will always be super-fast with everything you do. 


For using latest software or applications, the use of at least 8GB RAM is more optimal. If you go for lesser than that, it will be more like using a basic constraint.  On the other side by going with higher than 8GB will be remarkable for future. 


With a higher SSD, you will be able to run and execute every task or activity more smoothly and fluently, and as expected it will make your overall laptop user experience the best one. Go for more than or at least 500GB! 

The Tasks A Laptop Performs 

The tasks for which your laptop is getting used, becomes largely associated with how long your laptop can prevail along with its characteristics. So, if you are a vivid user then the ratio must be different as compared to a singular basic user. 

There are number of tasks we implement on our laptops, for example, a multimedia user who is more prone of video editing, Photoshop projects or even users who love streaming high Res videos, IT excessive employees, and all users who tend to use their laptop with high demands. Or, also the intense gamers and complex software users or maybe graphic designers? Well, there are whole a lot of demanding tasks these days a user needs from laptop. 

On the other hand, if you are just a regular user who uses the laptop individually and demands less, a laptop will be definitely lasting more even with mediocre features. 

How to make your Laptop stay longer 

Some ways to make your laptop last a definite period of time depend on how you use your laptop and how great it sustains. 

  • Try keeping your desk and laptop as clean as you would like to take bath for yourself. 

  • Prevent using liquids around your laptops, because a liquid just goes inside without even asking. 

  • As we talk about liquids, eating food with laptop should certainly not affect your laptop. 

  • We know laptops can overheat so keeping it on a surface that doesn’t allow proper ventilation is foolish. 

  • Your laptop must have a good laptop bag or case so it remains classy and secure without getting into any trouble. Plus, also don’t pile things on your laptop as the structure can be affected. 

Buying A long-lasting Laptop 

To buy laptops with longer life isn’t as complicated as one would think, only if you keep in mind these important factors we explained today. Some good brands for long-lasting laptops include Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer. Don’t forget to checkout our extensive collection of laptops on Retail Direct!  




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