Wigs Or Hair Extensions - Which One Is Better?
When it comes to choosing between Wigs and hair extensions, some ladies find it difficult to make a choice. Here is the perfect answer for that!

When it comes to choosing between Wigs and hair extensions, some ladies find it difficult to make a choice. This is not out of place as each has its own uniqueness. On the outside, both human hair types give the same end result. However, there are certain situations that require that you use one and not the other. 

  • Comparison between Wigs and Hair Extensions

Wigs are extensions that cover the entire scalp while hair extensions are attachments to the natural hair, which help to make your hair more voluminous. Human Hair Wigs are already-made hair caps that you can put on just like you wear a suit. They are completely plug-and-play hairdo. But hair extensions are like strands of hair you add to your natural hair to make it fuller and longer. 

  • Ultimate Wig Situations

While hair extensions and wigs look alike at the end of styling, there are situations that demand that you consider using wigs, and not hair extensions. 

  • Loss of Hair or Baldness

There are situations when a person may experience hair loss or even baldness. It could be due to ill management of natural hair or a medical condition. For someone experiencing hair loss or baldness, it’s impossible to use hair extensions as there’s no hair to attach the hair extensions to. So in this case, the only solution is wigs.

  • Fine, Brittle Hair

Fine hair strands are weak. And when they are brittle, they are dry and easily broken. For people who have fine, brittle hair, adding hair extensions to already weak strands won’t be a good idea.  So in this case, it’s best you go for wigs. 

  • Very Short Hair

For girls with very short hair, wearing 100% human hair extensions won’t look very natural as there’ll be no long hair in front to cover the wefts. So here, wigs are better solutions. 

  • Situations for Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions are more popular than wigs for a number of reasons. One is that there are only a small fraction of ladies who are dealing with bad hair loss or baldness that they’ll require to go strictly on wigs.  And so, a greater number of people go for 100% human hair extensions. 

  • Adding Volume and Length 

If you have scanty hair strands and only want to volumize or make your hair longer, you are better off adding some wefts in, rather than go for wigs with Hair Texture which is mostly wavy. 

  • Finally, Wig or Hair Extensions?

Apart from considering the situations that ultimately require you to go for one and not the other as itemized above, the decision to go for wigs or hair extensions finally depends on what you want at the moment. As long as you use human hair (of which wigs are apart), you will still have a fabulous hairstyle that will look very natural, whether you use wigs or hair extensions. That’s because 100% human hair extensions and wigs look natural when worn properly. And using both intermittently makes for a beauty variation that will give you a new look each time.

Nevertheless, all fingers are equal but some are more equal than the others. And so, all things being equal, if there’s no special hair condition you are managing (like hair loss or baldness), hair extensions will give you the more natural look as they blend very well into your natural locks, unlike wigs that have to be worn like a cap. Only the perfect styling will hide the trace of it. 


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