The best EMR for pain practice helps specialists streamline their workflows by providing reports, templates, drug interactions, and patient education.

Best EMR for Pain Management Practices in 2021

Like other specialty practices, Pain Management specialists also require an EMR solution that supports them in providing quality care to patients in pain. The best EMR for pain practice helps specialists streamline their workflows by providing reports, templates, drug interactions, and patient education. These health management systems primarily focus on the issues most common to Pain Management facilities, with fields covering the history of current illness, symptoms, and device analysis. To help you take the pain out of your selection process, we have compiled a list of best pain practice EMR systems.

5 Best EMR for Pain Practice

Here are our topic picks for the best pain management EMR software to help you step ahead in your pain management practice. 

  • RXNT

RXNT offers advanced health IT tools that are perfect for any medical specialty. The E-prescribing feature is EPCS-certified by the DEA that allows you to view complete medication histories and patient treatment records. It also makes the process of prescribing medications efficient and quick. This platform provides robust patient encounter tools that let you come up with your own templates or choose from a library of pre-designed templates that suit your pain practice. RXNT's specialty-specific solution features an interactive patient portal to enable patients to schedule visits at their ease. They can also view lab results, sign forms, message providers, and pay bills. 

Why it is a good fit for pain practices: It allows lets pain management specialists process appointments quickly and effectively while managing daily tasks as quickly as possible. The solution efficiently improves the financial health of a practice.

Pricing: Pricing for RXNT EHR starts at $85 a month for each user. A free trial is also available so that you can test it out.

  • Advanced MD

Advanced MD offers an electronic health recording solution to help pain management specialists ensure accurate medical information and improve the quality of patient care. It provides a flexible documentation process that easily adapts to the daily workflows of a practice. This software is known for its easy-to-learn interface, leading EHR, power-packed features/, and superior customizability. A mobile app can be used to update the calendar, manage everyday tasks and messages. 

In addition to this, you can flag important information, whether it is a note, document, test result, or prescription while adhering to HIPAA compliance. If you are looking for the best EMR for pain management, you can check this one out.

Why it is a good fit for pain practices: The Advanced MD cloud suite is designed to bring the best out of your pain management office, automating the daily manual healthcare-related processes and improving the quality of patient care. 

Pricing: You can acquire a detailed quote by contacting the vendor. It does not offer a free trial.

  • DrChrono

DrChrono offers a powerful EMR solution that is suitable for most specialty practices. It helps pain practices streamline the process of managing patients through an engaging interface and customizable templates. You can also customize or use pre-designed pain management forms available in the software's form library for standard procedures and evaluations. The patient portal feature facilitates doctor-patient communication through secure means along with the options to access prescriptions, patient history, and more. 

This platform also lets you e-prescribe controlled and noncontrolled substances to your patients’ preferred pharmacies wherever you are on iPhone, iPad, or web. Charting tools also ensure quick charting with personalized pain management forms programmed according to your practice workflow and preference. 

Why it is a good fit for pain practices: This solution is designed to fit pain practice clinic requirements. It supports intuitive note entry and helps offices complete their billing and financial needs to become an all-inclusive solution.

Pricing: You can get the pricing details by contacting the vendor for a specific quote for you. A free trial is available for users to try out the software.

  • NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare offers pain management clinic EHR and practice management solutions to help you improve the quality of care for patients living with pain, whether it is acute, chronic, or a combination. This EMR for pain management streamlines the day-to-day workflows of practices and helps users manage the process of providing healthcare to patients. The entire solution can be tailored to adapt to any clinical setting. Not only this, you can access this cloud platform remotely and completely configure it to provide specific solutions for your pain practice. 

Why it is a good fit for pain practices: It allows pain management specialists to organize and search records using various criteria so patients can be easily grouped. You can also send pain appointment reminders and keep patient information up to date.

Pricing: Pricing details for NextGen Healthcare are not available except for requests from the vendor.

  • Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical offers an EMR platform designed to enable the success of pain management practices. It is a cloud-based clinical and business management solution that caters to the unique needs of pain management providers. You can access patient records, and document patient encounters easily using the patient Face Sheet. Specialty-specific templates for pain practices help providers during the diagnosis and treatment process. In addition to this, it allows you to access the system with a single module purchase through a combination of modules to tailor the solution according to your practice needs.

Why it is a good fit for pain practices: Pain management specialists can design their templates from scratch to suit their unique workflows. It is HIPAA compliant and prevents breaches of sensitive patient information.

Pricing: The pricing plan for Kareo Clinical starts at $160 per month per provider.


With a market full of Pain Management EMR products, selecting the right option for your facility can be a daunting task. While we can't assure you which specific EMR product will be the right fit for your pain practice, we hope this article will help you understand what these systems can accomplish. After all, you want the best EMR for pain practice that will help you deliver the highest level of care for your patients. We would also recommend you to read through reviews and take a demo of all of them.


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