Facebook Quiet Mode has been introduced by Facebook so that people at work may enjoy using Facebook for their business communication propose without having any interruption.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, the people are staying at home and they are spending more time on social media sites. Now, Facebook has introduced a new tool to limit the use of the app. For this reason, they have introduced a ‘Facebook Quiet Mode’ on Thursday. This essential tool limits the notifications on Facebook and you can easily schedule a break while using Facebook. During the time of social distancing, people are spending lots of time on social media sites. This is known as one of the most important drawbacks of social distancing. To save the people from this drawback, Facebook has taken a bold step by introducing this tool like it has previously introduced for Instagram profile. In other words, we can also say that Facebook has lots of concerns relevant to the health of its users.

The results of recent studies are showing that if someone spends enough time on social media sites, he can face some serious issues like depression and anxiety. For this reason, Facebook has also conducted research. According to the research of Facebook, if users are passively consuming content on Facebook, they can face the problems of depression and anxiety. Anyhow, if they spend lots of time in contact with the people, they can save themselves from these impacts. After the introduction of this feature of Facebook Quiet Mode, Facebook is also working on some other features. It is estimated that during the lockdown days, there is a possibility that Facebook will introduce a new feature in which it hides the likes that a Facebook post is receiving. This Quite Mode of the Facebook is not only helpful for the people to stay away from the social media sites during the lockdown but it will also be helpful to restrict the use of Facebook during the work hours.

Some people are social media addicts and they use social media sites during working or study hours. As a result, they distract their attention from the main theme of the task. This tool is also useful for the people who want to pay attention to the work without distracting from the notifications on social media sites. Facebook has also introduced a similar update in 2018. This update is known as Your Time on Facebook. Some people think that it is the same update. It is not true because it is another update. Within this amazing tool of Facebook, you will also get some specific data like how many times you opened your profile as compared to the last week and comparison of the daytime and nighttime use of the Facebook.

Besides this update to save the health of the users during the lockdown days, Facebook is also doing some other interesting tasks. Facebook has donated $2 million to Vibrant Emotional Health. This essential organization is running the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline centre in the US. Facebook is also sharing some essential tips with the WHO. Some essential tips that they have shared with the WHO are how to relieve stress and how to stay active. As we know that Instagram is also a product of Facebook. On Instagram, Facebook has also introduced a series. In this series, Facebook is trying to discuss mental health issues by involving celebrities and experts in the discussions. It has also introduced a ‘Pause All’ update on Instagram. This essential update of Instagram also helps the users to limit the notifications. As a result, users can also mute notifications on their Instagram profile.

Facebook has also discussed the issues of loneliness with the world’s most famous psychologists. According to these psychologists, loneliness is also increasing the risk of dying early. Therefore, during the time of social distancing, the users should involve themselves in socializing. It means that instead of involving themselves in consuming the data lonely, you should try to make new friends and try to connect with these friends. During these days, you can also involve the people to discuss social evils of COVID-19. You should create some special groups these days. As all the people are disturbed due to the bad impacts of COVID-19, therefore, it is the best idea to spread happiness among the people by involving them in these groups. By keeping in mind, the concerns of your health, you should not spend enough time on social media sites. Its reason is that if you are spending enough time on social media sites, you may hurt yourself. The best idea to restrict yourself while using Facebook is to enable Facebook Quiet Mode. You can easily enable the Facebook Quiet Mode on your Facebook profile by using these steps as shared by a coursework help firm;

  • First of all, you should log into your Facebook account. After logging in, you will find the menu tab in the left-right corner of the screen. You should click on it. 
  • After clicking on it, you should scroll down the menu. While scrolling down, you will see the Setting & Privacy option. You should click on it. 
  • When you click on it, you will see ‘Tap your Time on Facebook’. You should click on it. 
  • After clicking on it, a new menu bar will appear. Now, you should click on the ‘Quiet Mode’. By configuring the ‘Facebook Quiet Mode’ on your Facebook profile, you can easily limit your time on Facebook. 

After enabling the Quiet Mode, when you want to log into your Facebook account during the specific time, Facebook will restrict your access to the Facebook account by displaying time left until the Facebook Quiet Mode will end. Now, most of the people think that if they want to use Facebook during this Quiet Mode, what should they do. Facebook has also provided a simple solution to this problem. Its reason is that along with the display time bar, you will also see a tab of manage Facebook quiet mode. You should click on it. After clicking on it, you can easily disable the quiet mode and use Facebook. After using it, you can also enable it again. After the introduction of this Quiet Mode of Facebook, it is up to you to restrict yourself from the use of social media. It means that Facebook can’t force you to limit your use on the social media sites. 


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