A website could be static or dynamic. It could be a one page or multiple pages website. Overall, it consists of several files that require to store on a server.

Step-Wise Guide to Host A Website

The majority of people don’t much think about hosting a website. A website is the way to get a glance of anyone’s business. In the absence of web hosting, a website can’t be accessed online. So, web hosting is paramount in this entire process. Several things are important when it comes to design and host a website.

Going forward, let us understand about step-wise process of designing and hosting a website.

Website: A brief description

First, it is essential to understand what a website actually is and the important elements while designing and hosting a website.

A website is mainly divided into three categories:

Collection of Documents: 

There are some common pages like index, About Us, Contact Us, etc., in every website. Every page is a file in a public facing directory When you look at a web page your computer is literally downloading the file and showing it to you.

Web Application: 

There are essential web applications like Facebook, Gmail, etc. play a key role in the website promotion. With these websites, you get exposure of so many viewers at a time. Also, with these web-apps, they sit on public facing web server the same way documents and files do. Your browser downloads some of the files and run them, and there is constant communication between your computer and the webserver.

Running a Website: 

Designing and developing a website isn’t enough. You need a web hosting In India to host your website and make it available online. In simple words, we can say hosting a website refers to the connection of Internet.

When people look for a server for their website, they actually mean that the computer stores the files required to run a website, and the software delivers those files to anyone who asks for them.

One should know the following to host a website:

  • You’d have to know how to set it up properly to run a website
  • You’d have to leave it on and connected to the internet all the time.
  • Your computer at home is configured to deal with one user at a time. When more system gets connected to same system or server, your internet connection would bot reach their limits and your website would stop working.

There are different kind of web hosting In India available. You could choose the hosting service as per your affordability and nature of the website.

Web Hosting Provider: 

If you prepare your system to set up as a server, you may face a lot of difficulty to manage your website online. Thus, approaching a web hosting provider is a good option. Most web hosting providers in India have big expensive computer, they have set them up to work for running a website, they have made sure that have fast connection to the internet.

When you choose a web hosting in India, you are borrowing a bit of one of their computers. This allows you to put the files and software require to run your website somewhere that it can easily be accessed by anyone who wants to view it.

To make it simple, the web hosting provider in India offers a tool for managing your piece of the computer and building and running your website.

Thus, selection of web hosting in India should be mindful. Also, it requires to be of long term. With passing time, you will have so many updates added to your website. So, select your web hosting service to create a solid online presence of your website.


A website could be static or dynamic. It could be a one page or multiple pages website. Overall, it consists of several files that require to store on a server. For a website to work well, a regular desktop computer isn’t a good choice.

Webhosting employers offer fast, powerful computers so that anyone can run a website without any special knowledge. So, look for a reliable web hosting provider in India, and understand the several available by them. Choose the best plan as per your website type and your affordability.

A smooth and hassle-free experience through a website is important for a user. So, check the hosting service accordingly and host your website.


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