Technologies have been transforming classroom experience both for teachers and students.

Gone are the days when teachers were required to use the traditional board and chalk to take classes and lectures. Students of today’s generation are not likely to engage in such old approaches. Every year a new and improved gadget for learning and teaching is introduced in the market. These technologically advanced gadgets offer next-gen abilities and benefits to the teachers, enabling them to enhance productivity, teach toolbox, and discover innovative and new ways for learning and teaching. 

Being the teacher of the modern era, you must ensure having the following contemporary methods of teaching in your classroom.The process involves using the best and latest teaching gadgets that can help show things and explain lessons better than possible. From the latest technology gadgets for classrooms to classic devices, there are many must-have latest tech gadgets for teachers in 2020. To buy those gadgets, use Amazon India promo code, which lets you make great savings on these gadgets.      


Interactive Whiteboard

The traditional blackboard is no longer in use in Smart Classes. Most of the educational institutions and colleges are now opting for this advanced solution and installing interactive whiteboard. The interactive whiteboard is a kind of smart board or interactive display that works either as a standalone computer with a touch screen ability or a connectable device used as a touch pad to control the PC from the projector. It is quite expensive, and hence schools or donors are required to provide it for the classroom. 

The interactive whiteboards act as a board or computer where you can write, draw or explain lessons in an interactive manner.It also lets you save the designs and answers as notes on its memory, and it holds all educational content for future use. It comes with free instructions on how to make use of it and enhance the students' overall learning experience.    


Document Camera

In many cases, teachers need to display anon-digital piece of content, drawing or document to the class. So, instead of printing out copies for the entire class, teachers may project it to the screen using the document camera. Document cameras are the advanced gadgets that let teachers display any non-digital content or lessons on screen without any complexity and fuss. 

The document camera comes with the ability of wide-angle viewing, and it allows you to clearly and easily capture the entire work area or paper for display. It also has audio and video abilities that let the teachers record and streamline the lesson content precisely on the screen.It is the must-have tech gadget for teachers in today’s digital classroom. 


Mini Wireless Keyboard

Most of the advanced tech gadgets today come with on-screen keyboards. But many of us prefer to be mobile around the room while having control over the panel. For such a group of people, this latest gadget has been introduced, and it is called a mini wireless keyboard. It gives the users the full benefits of a physical keyboard with enriched mobility of a tab. It can be connected easily to any smart gadgets, and you can carry it across the classroom while controlling the on display lessons from anywhere in the class.

The mini wireless keyboards come with shortcut keys on the side panel that gives you access to the most useful functions of the connected device. It is another important tech gadget that teachers must-have for enhancing the learning and teaching experience. 


Einstein Clock

The list of best tech gadgets for teachers in 2020 won’t be complete without mentioning Einstein Clock. It is the new tech gadget for math teachers. As the end of the class approaches, the eyes of students drift to the clock to see the time left for break. So, make this thing an educational moment for students by introducing Einstein Clock in the classroom. It is the mechanical clock that forces students innovatively to calculate the minutes and hours to find out what time it is exactly. 

The clock comes with the ability to set different challenging levels. Teachers can set the clock to their classroom’s specific grade level. It is a creative way to keep the students engaged for the entire period. However, the gadget is quite expensive, but you can buy it online using Tatacliq coupon code to get discounts on it. 


Pen Pad

Teachers looking for extra precision and control in their writing and drawing on screen must invest in a pen pad. With over 8K levels of instant pen pressure sensitivity, the pen pad delivers next-level precision and control in drawing on screen and writing. It is the best tech gadget for writing, and art teachers and also for classes were precision writing, drawing and annotating abilities are needed. 


Wireless Teacher MIC

In many situations, it becomes challenging for students to hear in the classroom, either due to large room size or poor acoustics in the classroom. Instead of straining your vocal cord, ensure to invest in the Wireless Teacher MIC and receiver from some reputed brands. It allows every student to hear the voice of the teachers.  

Most wireless MICs come with clip-on and pendant options, and it works smartly with any outfit, offering the teachers with added voice amplification with greater mobility. The receiver can be connected to any existing device or speakers in the class, and it offers 8 hours of services with single charging. Now you can rest assured that your voice is audible to every student present in the classroom.


Web Camera

The classroom in the digital era perfectly blends in-person and online teaching. With the best Web Camera, teachers can record and share videos easily in the classroom or online. The web camera features built-in MIC to ensure clear voice transmission and wide-angle viewing and video recording. It is the must-have gadget in 2020 for teachers who want to enhance the productivity and learning experience.       

Students and teachers of the modern generation love technology gadgets, and having accessing to these gadgets makes teaching and learning process effortless and interactive. What they offer can’t be refused indeed. 


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