Curious about the latest and greatest Google offerings? We have the top 10 Google products of all time and how they make your life so much easier.

Top 5 Google Products (Plus Some You Need To Know More About)

Usually, the only thing that comes to mind when you hear “Google” is the mega search engine. No kidding, the company controls over 92 percent of the global search engine market share.

With that kind of insane clout, what else can people remember?

The giant tech company has many super-popular products in use worldwide — aside from the search engine, of course. However, several Google products often fly under the radar. These products are handy, but they aren’t that obvious. 

You already know Google quality. So if you’re not using these lesser-known services, you’re missing out on a lot.

But not anymore! We’ve compiled for you the top five Google products and five less-popular ones you still need to know about.

Top 5 Google Products You Know and Love

These are the classic Google programs you likely use daily:

1. Chrome

Chrome is a web browser launched by Google back in 2008.

The popular browser now runs on several platforms, like Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. It's an easy-to-use browser and has the simplest and the most user-friendly interface you can find.

In fact, Google Chrome holds a considerable market share at 69.28 percent over other internet browsers. It dwarfs the second biggest browser, which currently has 7.75 percent of the global market share.

2. Gmail

Gmail is the Google email service that became available in 2009 as a web-based email service.

Today, Gmail is available on pretty much any device with an internet connection. It's not just a browser-based service anymore; it comes as apps for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

The popularity of Gmail stems from its simplicity and flawless running across its synced versions.

Back in the day, it was normal to miss out on emails, and you had to log into your email client frequently. Today, with Gmail notifications floating on your screen across all your devices, it's impossible to miss a thing.

3. Youtube

YouTube is a mega video-sharing platform with about 2 billion user logins per month.

Acquired by Google in November 2006, the platform has become the most popular virtual hang-out space. 

YouTube connects people with content from across the globe. It allows interactions and serves as a social media platform and a search engine.

One of the aspects driving the site's popularity is that both creators and fans get something out of it. YouTube fans enjoy endless content, while content creators make money from their work.

4. Google Maps

Almost everyone uses Google Maps today, so it can be hard to believe anyone doesn't need it. 

Still, this fantastic Google product has a way of making itself a lifesaver right when you start to feel lost. Literally, as in you're not as confident about your location as you might have thought.

Have you ever heard the claim that Google has its eyes on you?

Well, it's not exactly unfounded. With Google Maps, you can zoom right onto your rooftop. You get exact directions and time estimations for wherever you're going regardless of your mode of transit.

5. Google Translate

Google translate is a free AI-powered language translator that supports up to 108 global languages. The service is fast and exceptionally easy to use.

Besides, it's right there on Google's search engine. For quick translations, you simply type the word or sentence and add “translate” at the end. 

This is especially beneficial if you don't know the origin of a phrase you want translated. You won't just get a translation, but the result will also tell you which language the word comes from.

5 Less Popular Google Products You Should Know About

Now that we discussed the creme de la creme, what about sharing some of the lesser-known Google products that are otherwise exceptional?

1. Google Shopping

Do you like to shop online on sites like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress?

You will probably love Google Shopping. In 2019, Google discontinued its Google Express service. It then created a revamped e-commerce experience called Google Shopping.

To use Google Shopping, all you need is to sign in to your Google account and search for a product. Click the Shopping tab to browse items and prices from sellers near and far.

2. Google Alerts

Do you like to keep up with emerging trends in specific industries or topics?

If so, Google Alerts should come in handy. It's the best way to stay on top of emerging trends within a field.

Once you set up the service, you'll receive email notifications related to your search interest.

3. Google Find My Device

So, ever had one of those days when you just can't find anything, like your car keys?

Well, it's worse when it's your phone, which has all your work contacts, calendars, and reminders, to name a few.

This is where Google's Find My Device comes to the rescue. It's a service that you pre-connect to your device and will help you locate it in real-time when it's lost.

With a simple "find my device" search on chrome, you should be able to see your synced device and its location on Google Maps. The service also offers you a few security options. 

With the tap of a button, your phone will ring an alert, even when it's silent. You can lock it or erase all of its content, which is vital if you lose the phone.

4. Google Home

Google Home is an app developed to function as a remote control for limitless amounts of compatible devices in your home.

With the app, you can manage many home devices from one central location: your smartphone.

5. Google Meet

Google Meet is a virtual meeting site similar to popular video conferencing platforms Zoom and Skype. 

This virtual meeting and collaboration platform may not be well-known, but it has superb performance. It's pretty straightforward, with a nice-looking interface.

Using Google Meet is also a lot less troubling. You simply search it on your browser or open its app version, sign in to your Google account, and you're ready to go.


There you go, our top ten list of both popular Google products and those less obvious ones that you should definitely start using.

As you can see, Google has undoubtedly become part of our lives now, and they seem to have their hands in everything. Our advice? Enjoy!

Author Bio: 

Adam Marshall is a content marketer for The Grove at Cheney, an off-campus complex for EWU students. He loves writing about home organization, property management, and tips for college students. 


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