Traveling along scenic country roads, through forests, rocky cliffs, and wide sandy beaches is the best way to diversify your trip and escape from the platitudes of the big city. Probably, many of us dreamed about this, but not many dared to such an experience due to the lack of a suitable car at hand.

Best SUV Car Rental Models

Now, when you can rent an SUV even through a car rental app, your dream is closer than ever to coming true. However, among the many car rental deals offered on the market, it can be difficult for you to choose a really good vehicle for this. This is why we have compiled a list of the best off-road models available for traveling off-road...

Toyota Fortuner

File:2015 Toyota Fortuner (New Zealand).jpg

The car appeared back in 2004. During this time, it changed several generations and absolutely deservedly won a lot of fans. This was facilitated by a quite affordable price for a car of this class, a high level of comfort in the cabin, a spacious trunk, 7 seats placed in 3 rows, automatic/mechanic transmission, ground clearance height of 225 mm, and the presence of a large number of additional options that guarantee comfort. The safety level is also excellent - seat belts, 7 airbags, a directional stability system, electronic brakeforce distribution system, cruise control, parking sensors, and ABS do their best to keep you safe.

Summing it up, Toyota Fortuner is a car rental option that will be perfect for both off-road and urban driving.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

File:2017 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (QE) GLS wagon (2018-08-06) 01.jpg

This SUV was included in our rating for a reason. According to most experts, Pajero Sport from Mitsubishi is considered to be the best among off-road vehicles. Indeed, you won’t regret in case you rent a car from a Japanese automaker.

The car security system fully complies with the strictest world standards: it has seat belts and airbags, ISOFIX mounts for installing 2 child seats, frontal collision avoidance system, parking sensors, reinforced car body, anti-slip system, active traction control, and ABS.

The ground clearance height is 218 mm, which guarantees excellent cross-country ability. The car interior is fully equipped with the most modern comfort elements for the driver and passengers. Trunk volume is 714 liters, while the interior provides 5 seats for passengers.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Off-Road - Free photo on Pixabay

It would be wrong not to mention the ancestor of SUVs, thanks to which they often became known as jeeps.

Jeep car rental is a first-class choice for those who like to ride through forest thickets, swamps, and rocky slopes. The exterior design of the Jeep Wrangler is significantly different from the SUVs we reviewed earlier – it’s more conservative, austere, without flowing streamlined shapes. This is a car for real men who plan to conquer even the most severe off-road conditions.

Only in the Jeep Wrangler will you be able to see the folding windshield and doors that can be easily removed if needed. The roof, depending on the configuration, can be a standard rigid, with a soft-top or made of cloth. High ground clearance of 277 mm and dependent front/rear suspension of the SUV ideally adapts to any irregularities on the way of the car. The luggage compartment is 141 liters and the number of seats is 5. 

Infiniti QX80

File:2018 Infiniti QX80 front 7.28.18.jpg

Each time you rent a car from Infiniti, you expect to get a luxury vehicle. Indeed, the QX80 model designed for off-road driving won’t only provide a vivid active rest, but also emphasize the status and delicate taste of the driver.

This SUV is most commonly used as a city car but is also suitable for forests, rough country roads, and snowdrifts. The ground clearance is 257 mm. The volume of the luggage compartment is 470 liters, and the number of seats varies from 7 to 8. 

Even in the basic configuration, the Infiniti QX80 pleases with a rich interior filling including high-quality interior upholstery, a convenient multimedia panel, adjustable comfortable seats, and climate control. There are also no questions about the car’s safety system with belts and airbags, cruise control, pedestrian recognition system, parking sensors, and blind-spot monitor system.

Ford Explorer

File:2020 Ford Explorer XLT, front 9.7.20.jpg

Initially, this SUV was considered to be exclusively an off-road car, but in the process of modifications, manufacturers have come to a high-quality vehicle that feels great in urban areas. This means you can use the Ford Explorer as a rental car for traveling within the city and for long journeys on country roads.

The ground clearance is 211 mm, which is quite good for a car of this class. A 6-speed automatic transmission paired with a 3.5-liter engine will show you what real power is.

A trunk with a volume of 500 liters will allow you to take everything you need with you on a trip. The cabin can accommodate up to 7 people - it's spacious and comfortable there.

As for safety, the car is equipped with the latest technology: seat belts and airbags, emergency braking assistance system, electronic stability control system, rollover prevention system, cruise control, parking sensors - according to the results of Euro NCAP crash tests, the Ford Explorer received well-deserved 5 stars.

In short, the car behaves confidently both on the road and beyond.


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