If you need for a range extension in your office space via Netgear AC1200 device. We provide best help to setup your Netgear Router and troubleshoot the errors.

The need for a range extension in my office space via Netgear AC1200

I converted my living room into my office space ever since the pandemic forced everyone into a lockdown. Being a stock market trader I need to be online all the time and even missing out a little bit of information that I could’ve otherwise gathered can potentially cost me a lot of money. Therefore staying connected to the internet has a lot of importance in my daily life. The router that was in my other living room was too far away for the range of the router to reach in its full power therefore I decided to install a range extender. A simple device that can relay the same network and amplify it’s range in a good and satisfactory manner. I decided to bring in the Netgear AC 1200 mesh extended. It is a compact yet powerful extender that I knew would fully convert my problems into non existing ones before I knew it. The office space of mine that used to be a dead spot could well be the room with the highest network coverage. I brought one home and settled down to set it up.

Following the simple ac1200 setup procedure

The Netgear ac1200 mesh extender setup couldn’t get any simpler than what I saw. I am no science gadget geek and I didn’t need any speculations in order to understand the setup procedure. All I needed to do was to connect it to my personal computer and then wait for it stabilize. After its stabilization I needed to visit the offline setup link. The setup Netgear ac1200 mywifiext.net article has already taught me what had to be done. I needed to login to the setup link using a set of credentials that I could change later to my preference. This is for the security that only I would be able to access it in future in case I wanted to make changes of any kind. After that I was required to enter the details of my router that is the SSID and password so that the extender could easily do next to the router and then relay the network normally. After completing the set up here I was good to go. I just checked if the connection between by router and my extender was good which it was and then unplugged it from there.

Now I needed to find the best spot for it near my office space so that I could get the best network coverage. I used the devices LEDs to help me find out where the best spot could be and I did. It was quite easy to do that. After this I just started the device and my work was done. The extender perfectly relayed the network from the router to my office space and I had seamless network at all times. It really solved my trouble. Now I could really concentrate on my stock exchange. A perfect device does a perfect job.

A few things to be noted

In the long run you might want to reset the device to its factory settings for any reason whatsoever. If you wanted that you will need to locate the reset button present on the device and press and hold it for a few seconds. The reset process will last a minute and the extender will no longer work during that time. After the procedure is over the device will be as good as new and ready for reprogramming. You will have to repeat the setup procedure in order to use it again.

Another thing to be noted here is the devices firmware updates. In order to have your extender working at its best you will need to keep it updated. The setup link will do it for you. You will need to access the setup link and then check for updates. If you do find updates you can simply download them and install them right then and there. This will allow your extender to be working at its best and provide you with the best internet connectivity you would have ever experienced. Bring one home today. 


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