Modern-day businesses are reliant upon strong technological infrastructures. Internet-driven activities are becoming an integral part of the current business landscape.


Modern-day businesses are reliant upon strong technological infrastructures. Internet-driven activities are becoming an integral part of the current business landscape. Dependable and reliable web hosting features and characteristics are crucial when it comes to the IT section and its role in a business. Almost every business in the current day is looking for web hosting services with numerous perks at a lower price. However, you should not set cost as the benchmark but the quality. Managed services of a host are always good, but what about unmanaged services? They aren't as bad as perceived but contain a few pitfalls that you should know in this article. Keep reading to know more!

Common pitfalls of unmanaged web hosting:

The hosting provider manages your website and server had you opted for managed web hosting. However, the story is different when we talk about unmanaged web hosting. You cannot expect the required technical or managerial support from your hosting provider in unmanaged hosting. Let us not spoil the fun before time and discuss each point in detail. Following is what happens when you buy unmanaged services

1. Decreased productivity:

One of the most unpleasant consequences of opting for unmanaged web hosting solutions is decreased productivity. It entails the downtime of your website and the loss you bear due to it. Websites and servers are bound to go down due to several factors but recovering it quickly is the art. Since you do not have access to unlimited technical help from the providers, you may face prolonged downtime.

Your valuable business hours are spent fixing the issue that could have been easily solved otherwise. You end up losing valuable business hours, adversely affecting your overall business productivity. Isn't it wise to opt for an alternative? Opt for wordpress hosting in Dubai and enjoy the perks of managed web hosting.

2. No managerial support:

The streak of consequences is still alive and does not end up on technical support. Opting for unmanaged hosting also exposes you to the lack of management support for your website and server. You cannot expect any managerial hand from your host except installing the operating system and replacing some components. But that will be it, and they won't go any further with you.

Your host will keep the lights on for you, but the work has to be done by you. Unmanaged web hosting does not get you any management support should you feel in dire need of it.

3. Technical nightmare:

Are you from a technical background with experience in installing security patches and fixing faults? If the answer is NO and you have already purchased unmanaged hosting, you have made a grave mistake. A team of experts will help you install security patches or cPanel issues in a managed scenario but not in unmanaged.

You should restrain from buying unmanaged services if you or your staff lacks technical know-how. Why push yourself into deep trouble for saving a few dollars? And, it is not that affordable as you think it is! The trained technical staff you hire for technical issues will cost you as much as a managed server solution.

4. It is not cheap:

Yes, you heard it right. The motive for several businesses to opt for unmanaged services is cost. But a deep analysis will only reflect you are buying problems for you if you lack technical skills. The enticing cost advantages of unmanaged services should not persuade you as you have not thought about it yet.

The subscription charges may be relatively lower, but what about the cost you will bear by hiring technical experts' team? Either you save money or deal with the technical glitches of your server that are sure to happen every now and then. Why not keep all the problems aside and buy managed wordPress hosting in Dubai? It will save you trouble!

5. Compromised security:

Firewall installation and security patches are important for your server and business data safety. Do you want a security breach on your server or website? Certainly not! Unmanaged web hosting services fail to grant you access to vital firewall services and security protocols. Ultimately, your security is compromised, and you may fall prey to cyber attackers.

Managed web hosting services provide you periodic backup services to safeguard your credential info. Business continuity optimization relies on high-end security, which you can't expect from an unmanaged web hosting provider. Ultimately, you are left with the managed choice to avoid walking into trouble.

Deter from opting for unmanaged and unsecured web hosting!

You have gone through the cons of unmanaged services, and they are enough to deter you from opting for them. The best alternative you can go for is buying managed services from reliable web hosting providers. Consider buying the package to make your site safe and sound!



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