People are aware of smartwatches and smartphones now, but most of us do not know about technological advancements.

We all have a routine set up for every day, and for that, we need to keep track of the activities done the whole day. Advanced technology has made incredible progress that might surprise us. The technologies that we carry all the time are now something new, in a way that now it is getting easier and easier to make our lives efficient and healthier. 

The revolution of technology will not stop here; it will keep changing with time. The demand for technology wearables will blend in with human functions. In the future, we will get to know more about the evolvement of technology.

 Let us look at some examples of the wearables:   

For fitness, people use fitness trackers to keep the record of the timing that they covered for their exercise, and lately, different types of wearables are useful to carry and use while exercising; here they are:

·        Smart clothing is now available that you can wear, and the clothes have a waterproof UV sensor that can interact with your smartphone to update you about when the UV levels are high, and it is time you should apply more of the sunscreen o your skin to save your self. These smart clothes are not only for wearing but also for maintaining your UV level.

·        Smartwatches, the Apple Watch, and many other smartwatches have the capability of making our lives smarter and more manageable. The watch analysis of our health and the activities we do while wearing it. The Apple Watch has a new function recently; that is, it can add two more years to your life.  

·        Smart glasses are smart and fancy glasses that are not only for fashion but also for working smartly. The glasses have a built-in camera that allows you to capture videos and pictures directly through these spectacles. These spectacles link to your smartphone so that you can share your videos and photos through the Snapchat application. Now you can enjoy the moments and capture them without distracting yourself from the activity; your glasses will do that for you. That is how advanced technology has become.    

 Predictions for future technologies

Check out the five main predictions by cheap essay writing service experts for how the technical wearable trend will develop in the future.  

 1.       Exoskeletons will change the industry

They are the robotic suits for a human to wear and function. This technology is already available. Some companies use these to help the workers work effectively without any problems that a human can company face. For example, lifting the heavy weighted objects, the workers can wear the Exoskeletons and then use them. They will not face any injury while doing work that only machines can do.

The Hyundai Motor Group is testing the Hyundai Vest Exoskeleton to decrease the pressure on the company workers. The company says that the exoskeletons will help remove the burdens of the workers, as there are many kinds of tasks that cause injuries to the workers. This technology will increase the working efficiency of the workers. The prediction for these exoskeletons in the future is that their demands will increase in the time ahead. More companies will manufacture exoskeletons to make their workplace safe for their works and to increase efficiency.     

2.       Prosthetics are going to be smarter ahead

Wearable technology involves the new trend of robotic limbs and prosthetics that are currently evolving. This technology enables the stem to come out as more intuitive; for example, by answering the nervous system, MIT's media lab is working on an exploration project that links special to separate surgery with natural prosthetic development. The design of the robot prosthetics is for ten volunteers, and the designers expect that the volunteers will be able to operate their prosthetics through the nervous system. In the time ahead, intelligent prosthetics like these, which answer a person's commands more naturally, may become more famous and demand.

 3.       The Labs will become 3D printing human tissue

The human brain can make anything if it can think of anything. Now the engineers are thinking of making a replacement of the organs in a living being. The researchers are working on this idea to make it come to reality. For example, the Rice University group in Houston states that they have developed the initiative in the bioprinting of the workable human tissues. They give the hope that it will be possible to print the entire functioning organ ahead. The hope leads to the prediction that there will be advances in prosthetics, robotics, and medicines; in the future. A robotic heart will be available and grown in a lab, and this is a feasible option for people who need a heart transplant.

 4.       Welcome the AL for the human nervous system or brain

Industries such as Facebook are racing to evolve the brain-computer user interface to enable typing the facebook status through your mind. It means telepathic typing in a technical phrase. In another place, Elon Musk's industry known as Neuralink is working on a brain-computer user interface that can assist people suffering from significant brain injury difficulties. 

 5.       Data privacy

All the development in wearables technologies are attracting us more towards them and wearing it for most of the time, and this can point a significant point that these wearables collect our data. The wearer will be providing a massive amount of data just by wearing it. No one wants to provide their private details to companies like Facebook or Snapchat. Even if you are okay with collecting data, we need to be more cautious about everything you provide. The reason is that privacy is something we own, and itis no one's right to have access to our private details, so e need to be cautious. Most importantly, the companies providing such facilities in the wearables must inform about the data they are going to collect.


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